About us

Who are we?

A Party and Movement across Europe

We are Pan-European - we believe in cross-border cooperation, in word and deed.

We are progressive - we want to build a better society than yesterday's. 

We are pragmatic - we focus on solutions that work, instead of old ideological trenches.

With these values ​​and this goal picture, we want to move forward with innovative policies that solve the many problems that are currently challenging Switzerland and the rest of Europe.

Our Vision

We strive to make Europe more European. To achieve this, we see a need for a genuine, well-functioning Pan-European democracy; the democratic system we currently have does not live up to our expectations.

We want to see a strong European Parliament that can propose its own laws. 

We want to see a European Prime Minister voted for by citizens around Europe. 

We want to see a real European government acting for the good of all Europeans; which addresses our common problems and takes advantage of new opportunities. Policies that affect the whole of Europe require parties that operate throughout Europe, and we at Volt are the first to do so. We offer all European voters the opportunity to choose a new European future. Now it's your turn!

Volt pursues policies at local, national and European level. In 2019, Volt participated in the European Parliament elections for the first time and ran a cross-border election campaign with a European election program. The result was that Damian Boeselager was elected to the European Parliament and thus became the first Volt member with a mandate. Today, Volt participates in elections at all levels around Europe.

Volt Europa

Volt Switzerland is part of the European Party Volt Europa.

European challenges need European solutions. National parties are reaching their limits, and populist promises are putting our peace at risk.

That is why Volt was founded, a movement and party for the whole of Europe. We are the first Pan-European party, with a presence in over 30 countries and registered political parties in 16 countries. We encourage citizens on the local, national and European levels to rethink and shape politics.

We are Pan-European, pragmatic and progressive. Against the background of common values and goals, we ask courageous questions and make feasible proposals to solve Pan-European grievances.

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