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Why is a pan-European party running in Zurich?

More than 400,000 people live in Zurich, making it the most populous city in Switzerland. Out of these, about a third are Europeans who have neither Swiss citizenship nor voting rights.
We at Volt believe that progressive politics should not stop at the borders of Switzerland nor should the Swiss democracy be tight to just the Swiss Nationality, especially on the local level.
We are committed to a city where all people have equal opportunities to develop their full potential. Nationalism and populism are not an option. We are committed to a Zurich that strives for the highest standards of human, social, ecological and technical development.
Following the motto "think globally, act locally", we solve precisely such problems directly on the ground.

As a municipal council, our top priority is to achieve these goals, to continue them and to implement them after the upcoming municipal council elections.

Support us - for a humane, solidary Europe, in which we all - also in the future! - can live equally and freely. #JointheChange


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If you want to learn more about Volt and our team and also meet us in person, then come to one of our regular Meet & Greets. There we introduce Volt, you can learn more about our goals and our organization and exchange ideas with passionate Volters. Due to the current situation, we organize Meet & Greets online from time to time.

Besides the Meet & Greets we also organize demos, speaker events, meet at partner organizations, etc. As soon as the planning is set, you will find out everything here.

Currently there are no events planned. Please check back later!

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Thank you for your votes!

The local council election is through and the results are in! A thank you to all those who gave us the necessary signatures for the candidacies, to all those who follow us on social media and to all members of the Volt Switzerland team.

Dekorative Grafik zur Stimmabgabe

631 + 489 Votes

À voter

In Kreis 7 + 8

Candidate votes: 265

Additional votes: 366

Party votes: 631


À voter

In Kreis 10

Candidate votes: 214

Additional votes: 275

Party votes: 489



Danilo Lo Pumo Portrait

Danilo Lo Pumo

Electoral district 10

Nicola Giuliani Portrait

Nicola Giuliani

Electoral district 7+8

Steffen Lemmerzahl Portrait

Steffen Lemmerzahl

Electoral district 7+8

What was our goal in this election?

We see this election as an opportunity to position ourselves in Zurich for the first time, to draw attention to Volt, to ensure more political discourse and to strengthen European values. Zurich needs Europe. And Europe needs Zurich.

Europe and Zurich

Zurich is nationally and internationally connected as never before, and so are our challenges: it is time to confront the major problems with European solutions.

You want to participate?

No matter how much time you have, you always have the opportunity to get actively involved with Volt!

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