Our Solgans

Volt's stance on past votes.

Votes from 25 September 2022


YES to the Factory Farming Initiative

NO to the Amendment to the Federal Act on Withholding Tax

FREEDOM OF VOTE on the Old-Age and Survivors' Insurance votes

Votes from 15 May 2022


YES to the Frontex Vote
Link: Position Statement on the Frontex- Referendum on 15 May 2022

YES to the Amendment to the Act on Transplantation

YES to the Federal Film Act («Lex Netflix»)

Votes from 13 February 2022


NO to the Ban on Animal- and Human-Testing

YES to the Youth Protection from Tobacco Advertising

FREEDOM OF VOTE to the Law on Stamp Duty

Votes from 28 November 2021


YES to the Nursing Initiative

YES to the Justice-Initiative

YES to the act on Covid-19