Nicola Giuliani

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Nicola Giuliani

Candidate for the Zurich District 7 + 8 Municipal Council

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I attended the Kantonsschule Hottingen with the profile "Economics and Law


University of Zurich


I have been studying economics at the University of Zurich since summer 2021.

Nicola Giuliani attended the Kantonsschule Hottingen with the profile "Economics and Law, accent on ethics and ecology" until he graduated with his Federal Matura in spring 2021. Since autumn 2021, he has been a registered student at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Zurich, majoring in economics (VWL). From an early age, he was interested in history, current affairs and politics - especially in the interdependencies and interactions. At a young age he had already formed his own opinions and values and learned to defend his view of things with arguments, try to convince other people of his opinion, but also to allow himself to be convinced by better arguments without perceiving this as a loss of face but rather as enrichment. Since autumn 2021 he has been a proud member of Volt and is committed to a more liberal, permeable and better-connected society. He also attaches great importance to sustainability, whereby sustainability must be understood in its entire meaning, i.e. as the intersection of economy, ecology and society, in which no particular area should be given priority over the others.

This is what I stand for

  • Urban development
  • Economy
  • Society
  • Sustainability