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Do you think that change is only possible if you do politics? Do you also feel that you are not represented by existing political parties?

Do you not want to be on the sidelines and instead act against populism? Oppose climate change? Join a movement of like-minded volunteers! On this page you'll find all the information you need about what it means to join Volt.

What types of membership are there?


  • Full voting rights - local, regional, national, European.
  • With your membership fee you help to build Volt.
  • Become a candidate for Volt: locally and nationally.
  • Recommended for those who want to participate intensively in Volt and who also have some time for Party activities and events.

More information

  • Voting rights at Volt Switzerland and Volt Europe
  • You have active and passive voting rights in Volt Switzerland & Volt Europe, i.e. you can vote, stand for office and be elected.
  • You have access to all platforms
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  • Support Volt but are not party members.
  • No active or passive voting rights at Volt.
  • No membership fee.
  • For those who would like to support our activities and to contribute actively, but who do not (yet) want to become party members.

More information

  • You get to know how we work
  • You will be connected to a local team
  • You will receive information about current campaigns via newsletter and from the local teams.
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How does the process of applying as a Member or Volunteer work?


If you click on the "Become a member" or "Become a volunteer" button you will be directed to our membership application website. Enter your email address, select your membership type and complete the questionnaire. Then (please give us a few days) you will be contacted by a Volt member for a short introductory interview - your chance to ask questions about Volt and an opportunity for us to find out which teams in our network might be of interest to you. You will then be given access to our online work space, you get a Volt email address and can get started right away.

Are there any obligations and how much time do I have to spend on it?


We all support Volt on a voluntary basis - so there is no need to invest a fixed number of hours unless you apply for an official position at the national or European level. In general, we are happy if you find your own interests within Volt and if you can contribute in your own way.

If you have more questions regarding membership or concerning Volt in general please send us an email:

Do you have questions about our memberships or your own idea on how we can make a difference together? Write to us.

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