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"Women, Life, Freedom"

16 Oct 2022, 18:33:12
Volt stands in solidarity with Iranian women and calls for an end to violence by the government!
Elefantenkopf, betitelt mit Europa Initiative

Volt supports the Europe Initiative

30 Aug 2022, 16:46:44
It is time to talk about the elephant in the room: Our relations with the EU

Position Statement on the amendment of the transplantation act

7 May 2022, 18:40:33

Position Statement on the amended Federal Act on Film (Lex Netflix)

7 May 2022, 18:33:28

Position Statement on the Frontex- Referendum on 15 May 2022

5 Apr 2022, 17:50:55
Violence and death have become everyday at the outer borders of Europe. Refugees are disrupted and beaten. Frontex participates in human rights violat